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Exploring Dubai

In Dubai We Don’t Wait For Things To Happen, We Make Them Happen“

Nothing applies more to this city than that quote! It’s nearly unbelievable that 30 years ago this city wasn’t even exciting. What they achieved since then is breathtaking: the highest building in the world, an island in the shape of a palm tree, the only 7 star hotel on earth, a ferris wheel almost twice as big as the London Eye and an indoor ski resort.
These are only a few examples what Dubai is all about. You can imagine that you won’t be able to get bored there. So much to see and explore!

We went there in the beginning of June. This time of the year it starts getting a lot warmer, 42 degrees in our case. I’m not going to lie, it’s like someone holds a blow dryer in front of your face but you’ll forget about the heat when you look into the sky and discover one of the most impressive buildings in this Arabian city; BURJ KHALIFA, our first stop.

The architecture is amazing and the height, well there are so many huge buildings in Dubai but none of them is able to keep up with this one! We wanted to visit the observation deck during sunset, so we bought tickets in advance, what I’d highly recommend because they’re sold out quickly. The view up there is amazing and watching the sun go down over the see was so beautiful. When the sun is gone Dubai’s huge buildings and skyscrapers sparkle and glitter, it’s wonderful to watch from above.

An attraction which is, in my opinion, a must-see is the Dubai Fountain in front of Burj Khalifa. Powerful jets shoot water to heights of 150 metres in harmony with a variety of songs of many genres. The same time, they light up Burj Khalifa with a thousand different colors. It´s really beautiful to watch and afterwards you can grab a drink or some food in one of the many restaurants around the fountain lake and maybe watch them again, because they play a new song every half an hour.

We were exhausted that day, Dubai Mall was bigger than we thought and walking from one end to the other takes forever, and therefore we were looking for a nice place to have a refreshing cocktail. Not that easy in an Islamic state, I can tell you. You have to look out for bars, which aren’t visible from the outside. In these ones you´re even allowed to smoke at their terraces.
I’d recommend not looking at the price section at the drinks menu, Dubai isn’t cheap at all. But sometimes you got to treat yourself, right? 🙂

For the next day we booked a tour by SPEED BOAT to see the city from the water. There were sights like the Dubai Eye, which isn’t completed yet, the Atlantis hotel at the Palm and Burj Al Arab included and it was so much fun when the skipper accelerated the boat and we jumped over the waves.

Afterwards we went to a SOUK, a street market, really a must-see, but don’t be surprised, the salesmen are a bit intrusive.
The contrast between the old architecture (like in the Souk area) and the modern skyscrapers is truly insane though!

If you’d ask me what surprised me the most while visiting Dubai, I might say that’d be LA MER, my absolute number one!
It´s a colorful beach area decorated with elaborate details like canoes, treasure chests, beach huts and surf boards. In other words, they built a second Miami there.

It was the perfect place to rent a sunbed and relax for a few hours. This was the first time I experienced how hot sea water can be, 30 degrees isn’t that refreshing. But it was such a good time nevertheless.

Later that day we made our way to the DESERT to do a SAFARI. A drive with a buggy was included and it was great riding up and down the steep dunes. A BBQ at the desert camp afterwards was the perfect conclusion of the day.

We stayed in this breathtaking city just for 3 days and tried to do as much as possible, but there’s so much more to see, Dubai offers countless attractions and it`s worth seeing from every perspective.

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